Cruise Books

Salisbury Sound Cruise Books are a wonderful collection of rare photos and historical information about the ship. The problem is that they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth. Some cruises had them--some didn't. (We believe that the first Cruise Book was done in 1952.) Those few that exist have often been lost or misplaced over the years. The solution? Our shipmate, the late Tom Warner (48-52), came up with a great idea.

Click on the links below to see Tom's rare 1952 Cruise Book, and the 1955-56 Far Eastern Cruise Book, courtesy of shipmate Maurice Medland. The 1957-58, 1959, and 1960 Cruise Books are courtesy of shipmate Russell Branch (scanned in and uploaded by Kirsten Branch). The 1963-64 Cruise Book is courtesy of shipmate Carroll O'Connor. The 1964-65 and 1966 Cruise books are courtesy of shipmate Allen Bornmann.

For the best view in Picasa: 1. Click on "Slideshow." 2. Press F11 on your keyboard (this will take you to a full screen). 3. Click on the "Pause" button to stop the Slideshow. 4. To view each page at your leisure, just click on the "Right Arrow" to advance each page, or the "Left Arrow" to go back. Enjoy!

If you have a Salisbury Sound Cruise Book you would like to share with your shipmates, while keeping it in your possession and under your control, please use the free, web-based photo management system called “Picasa Web Albums.”

The Picasa program is very straightforward and easy to use. Once you have each page of your Cruise Book scanned into your computer as .jpg files, it's a fairly simple matter of uploading them into Picasa. In fact, Picasa will do a search of your hard drive and automatically upload them for you. Then all you have to do is send an email containing a link to your album to Maurice Medland at

We will then post the link to your Cruise Book on the Cruise Books page, with full credit to you. When our shipmates click on the link, it will take them right to the book. Not handy with computers? Ask a young neighbor or grandchild to do it for you. This is the new way we will be handling all Cruise Books that our shipmates want to share.

Cruise Book thumbnail 1952.jpg

1952 Cruise Book



Cruise Book thumbnail 1956.jpg

1955-1956 Cruise Book



1957-58 Cruise Book Thumbnail.jpg

1957-1958 Cruise Book

1959 Cruise Book Thumbnail.jpg

1959 Cruise Book

1960 Cruise Book Thumbnail.jpg

1960 Cruise Book


1963-1964 Cruise Book

Cruise Book thumbnail 1965.jpg

1964-1965 Cruise Book



Cruise Book thumbnail 1966.jpg

1966 Cruise Book