Sally's Skippers

Whatever happened to . . .

your Skipper on the Sally? After the Sally, Did he go on to make world history, or did he just go fishing? For more information on these outstanding men, click on their names below. What? There is no link on your skipper's name? What are you waiting for? Do a little research on Google, or talk to your shipmates, or just go through your cruise books to gather some information and photographs. Write up your recollections, along with links to other websites with information about your skipper and any photographs you may have, and send them to Maurice Medland at the address on the Contact Us page. We'll create a page for your skipper that will make you proud.

Commanding Officers

USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13)

Captain Doyle G. Donaho, USN
26 Nov 1945-26 Dec 1946

Captain William A. Deam, USN
26 Dec 1946-28 Nov 1947

Captain Argyll E. Buckley, USN
28 Nov 1947-3 Jan 1949

Captain Edwin J.S. Young, USN
3 Jan 1949-15 Apr 1950

Captain Francis R. Jones, USN
15 Apr 1950-9 Apr 1951

Captain Stanley C. Strong, USN
9 Apr 1951-25 Apr 1952

Captain Joseph F. Quilter, USN
25 Apr 1952-15 Jun 1953

Captain Robert F. Jones, USN
15 Jun 1953-8 Apr 1954

Commander Robert L. Eldridge, USN
8 Apr 1954-4 May 1954

Captain Carson Hawkins, USN
4 May 1954-6 Aug 1955

Captain Francis D. Foley, USN
6 Aug 1955-15 Sep 1956

Captain Thomas H. Moorer, USN
15 Sep 1956-20 Sep 1957

Captain William S. Guest, USN
20 Sep 1957-18 Aug 1958

Captain Richard L. Fowler, USN
18 Aug 1958-10 Sep 1959

Captain Robert F. Farrington, USN
10 Sep 1959- 27 Jul 1960

Captain James D. Ramage, USN
27 Jul 1960-9 Aug 1961

Captain Charles E. Roemer, USN
9 Aug 1961-23 Jul 1962

Captain James L. Holloway, USN
23 Jul 1962-1 Mar 1963

Captain Hugh M. Durham, USN
1 Mar 1963-10 Mar 1964

Captain Merle M. Hershey, USN
10 Mar 1964-25 Feb 1965

Captain Earnest R. Horrell, USN
25 Feb 1965-7 Mar 1966

Captain Clarence E. Mackey, USN
7 Mar 1966-13 Jan 1967

Commander Austin V. Young, USN
13 Jan 1967-31 Mar 1967


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